Election Guidelines For Judicial Candidates

The Code of Judicial Conduct applies to judges and judicial candidates. To that end, the documents below provide a brief overview of the requirements and limitations on judicial candidates in Georgia, including incumbent judges running for reelection.

Judicial Candidates can find below a copy of three documents:

1. Canon 4 of the Code of Judicial Conduct;

2. Dos and Don'ts for Judicial Campaigning; and

3. Commission Rule 29.

If you believe that a judicial candidate has committed a violation of Canon 4 of the Code of Judicial Conduct who may submit a complaint online or by mail consistent with the Commission's regular procedure for submitting complaints. Complaints alleging a judicial candidate's campaign misconduct are automatically expedited for Commission review and action under Rule 29.


Extension of Deadline for Judges to File Rule 3.15 Reports

New deadline is 32 days after Statewide Judicial Emergency Order expires

The April 15 deadline for all judges to file their Annual Disclosure Report required by Rule 3.15 of the Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct with the Supreme Court of Georgia has been tolled by the Chief Justice’s March 14, 2020 Order Declaring a Statewide Judicial Emergency.  Rule 3.15 reports will be due no later than 32 days after the Statewide Judicial Emergency Order (which may be extended) expires.  Judges may still file their reports before the deadline at  https://www.gasupreme.us/rule315form.