Types of Commission Actions for Publication

Although the Commission's disciplinary proceedings are typically confidential, the Commission's Rules provide for the public disclosure of certain Commission actions or other events, including:

- The Filing of Formal Charges against a judge for misconduct;

- Reports of a judge resigning in light of a Commission investigation;

- News releases about a judge's campaign misconduct; 

- Proposed Formal Advisory Opinions for public comment; and 

- Other public notice from the Commission that neither concern an investigation nor a case of judicial misconduct.

These documents are available for Download below and are listed in reverse chronological order.


Ware County State Court Judicial Candidate Withdraws

May 13, 2020

JQC Statement on Former Ware County State Court Judicial Candidate 

Sean Simmons

Judge Alois Hrabovsky Resigns Amid INvestigation

July 12, 2019

Hearing Panel Suspends Judge Kathryn Schrader

October 16, 2019

Formal Charges filed against judge terrinee gundy

July 12, 2019

Judge Shana Vinyard Resigns Amid INvestigation

March 27, 2019

Formal Charges Filed Against Judge Robert M. Crawford

July 26, 2018

Judge Ralph Todd Resigns Amid Investigation

March 7, 2018